Vedem: A Teacher's Resource

Thanks to a generous grant from Humanities Washingon, Music of Remembrance has created an online teacher's resource for Holocaust-related curriculum. It centers around the incredible-but-true story of VEDEM, a secret magazine created by a group of 100 boys, aged 13 to 16, who were imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp and is available as a printable .pdf document.

Download the Vedem Educator's Guide here.

To accompany the teacher's guide, here are some excerpts from a short education film MOR has created, featuring interviews with survivors of the infamous Terezín concentration camp.

1. Terezín survivor Sidney Taussig recounts how he saved the VEDEM manuscript.

2. Leopold Lowy explains how 15-year-old Petr Ginz became editor-in-chief of VEDEM, and rallied the boys into writing for the magazine.

3. George Brady recalls educator Valtr Eisinger, who oversaw Home One, and how the boys organized themselves into their own "Republic."

4. Leopold Lowy talks about the range of education in Home One, arranged by Valtr Eisinger.

5. George Brady describes how Terezín was prepared for use in Nazi propaganda.