2020-2021 Tickets

MOR’s 2020-2021 season of journeys:  four all-new virtual concerts

Program 1: To Life! (November 1, 2020). A stirring musical tribute to David Arben, who survived seven concentration camps as a boy and owed his life to his violin. Plus works by three composers with their own stories of journeys to new lives in new lands.

Program 2: Stormy Seas (December 13, 2020).  Five inspiring true stories of young people who braved setting sail in search of safe shores (world premiere). Plus soulful music remembering the heritage and fate of the Sephardic communities of Rhodes.

Program 3: Art From Ashes (January 24, 2021). MOR’s annual International Holocaust Remembrance Day concert, honoring murdered composers through their music.

Program 4: Return to Amasia (February 28, 2021). A young American composer’s voyage to rediscover his family roots a century after the Armenian genocide (world premiere).

Multiple Program Pass Single Program Pass ($30 each)

Access to all 4 programs for $100.

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Access to To Life! (available Nov 1, 2020)

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Access to all 4 programs plus donation to MOR for $250.

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Access to Stormy Seas (available Dec 13, 2020)

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Access to Art From Ashes (available Jan 24, 2021)

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Access to Return to Amasia (available Feb 28, 2021)

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MOR String Trio
Mikhail Shmidt, Walter Gray, Susan Gulkis Assadi
Credit: Ben VanHouten Photography
Farewell Auschwitz
"Farewell, Auschwitz" from Art From Ashes