Music of Remembrance's Mission

Music of Remembrance fills a unique role throughout the world by remembering the Holocaust through music. With concert performances, educational programs, recordings, and commissions of new works by some of today’s leading composers, MOR honors those of all backgrounds who found the strength to create even in the face of persecution, and those who had the courage to speak out against cruelty. We tell stories that communicate urgent moral lessons for today with a scope that extends beyond the Holocaust itself to the experience of others who have been excluded or persecuted for their faith, ethnicity, gender or sexuality.

“MOR gives a voice to the voiceless. It tells stories for those who could not tell their own story.  It makes us whole. It brings us together. Music of Remembrance inspires us. It unites us and it heals us as a community and as a world one concert at a time." – mezzo soprano Catherine Cook

"MOR addresses timeless and contemporary themes that include religious intolerance, the worldwide refugee crisis, the urgency of preventing nuclear war, and the separation of families at our border. They tell stories that absolutely must be heard!" – composer Jake Heggie

“Music of Remembrance does what our most beloved cultural institutions always aspire to do when they preserve the voices of the past, or when they commission and midwife brand new works based on timeless themes. They educate us and inspire us. And oh how they inspire in concerts filled with beauty, passion, meaning, justice, heartbreak, comfort, and joy.” – composer Tom Cipullo

“Music of Remembrance has highlighted the reality that in the end we really are like a grove of aspen trees. We all share a common root network and if one tree is sick we all feel the effects. We’re not just learning about what happened. We’re learning about how we can grow as human beings.” –librettist Gene Scheer

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