Artist Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a Music of Remembrance Artist


Music of Remembrance owes its achievements to many people, but most of all to the extraordinary performers who bring our music to life at every concert.  The unrivaled artistry of our stellar core ensemble and world-class guest artists is matched by their loyal dedication to our mission. It’s a unique musical family, and through our Artist Sponsorship Program you can become an intimate part of it. 

To become an Artist Sponsor for our 20th anniversary season in 2018-19, simply look at the amazing artists performing with us this season, and choose the ones you’d like to sponsor. Artists can be funded by more than one sponsor, so there’s no exclusivity or limitation.

As an Artist Sponsor, you’ll have the opportunity to attend rehearsals, meet your sponsored artist, and come to behind-the-scenes events. Throughout the season, we’ll keep you posted on your sponsored artist’s work, and we’ll recognize your sponsorship in our programs.  

Your contribution helps us continue bringing these incomparable talents to the MOR stage.  This support goes directly to their performance fees, and for the housing and travel costs for out-of-town artists.  As an Artist Sponsor, you’ll be an active participant in our work, and build a relationship with a gifted artist.


Sincere Thanks to

Susan Shanbrom-Krabbe and Morris Krabbe for their sponsorship of
Mina Miller, Artistic Director

Frederick Yudin for his sponsorship of Ava Pine, soprano

Natalie Mayer for her sponsorship of Natasha Bazhanov, violin 

Drs. Patricia Shuster and Eugene May for their sponsorship of Zart Dombourian-Eby, flute

H. David Kaplan for his sponsorship of Michael Mayes, baritone

Howard and Lynn Behar for their sponsorship of Susan Gulkis Assadi, violin


For more information, please contact us at 206.365-7770, or

artist sponsorship program
Artist Sponsorship Program 2018-19