In The Community

Thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts and other supporters, MOR's musical witness outreach series, Sparks of Glory, has been presented free to the public since our 2005-06 season. These free concerts-with-commentary at Seattle Art Museum and other community settings are musical residencies that allow MOR to meet new audiences beyond the concert hall. MOR has also created an associated in-school educational program that brings chamber musicians in live performance and multimedia presentations to participating high schools and colleges.

MOR Artistic Director Mina Miller is an international speaker on musicians' spiritual resistance during the Holocaust and a concert pianist. At Sparks of Glory and in schools she discusses Holocaust history, the composers and musicians, and their music.

Praise from audience members

  • "This series should be promoted as a cultural destination for visitors to Seattle from throughout this country and the world."
  • "Connecting the music and art in Seattle Art Museum adds an extra dimension to the senses."
  • "These concerts demonstrate why MOR is so important for the world. This is so essential not only as great music, but as an eloquent statement for human rights."
  • "MOR is consistently, staggeringly so, one of the great sounds in the Northwest."
  • "I am so grateful for the free concerts. They are of outstanding quality and significance."
  • "Mina’s comments made a great concert even better, illuminating each piece with deeper meaning."

Contact us for more information on participating in MOR's education and outreach efforts.