The Making of GAMAN

Meet composer Christophe Chagnard and Artistic Director Mina Miller for an introduction to Gaman, commissioned by Music of Remembrance.


This work was inspired by the experiences of local Japanese Americans forced to internment camps during World War II -- the words of poet Suma Yagi, the artwork of Takuichi Fujii and Roger Shimomura, and the wartime diary and art of Kamekichi Tokita.  The Japanese word "gaman" means the struggle to endure the unbearable with patience and dignity.
Chagnard will discuss the compositional process and his research for the creation of this new work, which will receive its world premiere at Benaroya Hall on May 20, 2018. Musical illustrations by Ringtaro and Asako Tateishi (fue flute and taiko drum).
(FREE with museum admission) 

Christophe Chagnard, composer
Ringtaro and Asako Tateishi (fue flute and taiko drum)
American Alian #2, Roger Shimomura. Courtesy of Roger Shimomura