Concert: Passage - Confronting Intolerance

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3:15 p.m. Meet the Artists: Composer Shinji Eshima, Sculptor Al Farrow, and Media Designer Kate Duhamel


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Music of Remembrance presents a concert featuring two world premieres inspired by the Holocaust’s lessons for today’s world. Iconic composer Ryuichi Sakamoto's compelling Passage depicts the struggle of a refugee to escape violence and persecution in his own land. Shinji Eshima's Veritas is a soulful statement against religious intolerance, with media projections by Kate Duhamel of sculptor Al Farrow's "Vandalized Doors" series. Also, American composer Paul Schoenfield's Camp Songs with its setting of bitingly ironic poems that Sachsenhausen political prisoner Aleksander Kulisiewicz dared create under the noses of his Nazi captors.

“I tried under all circumstances to create verses that would serve as direct poetical reportage. I used my memory as a living archive. Friends came to me and dictated their songs.” - Aleksander Kulisiewicz




Simon Sargon Before the Ark (1990)

Takumi Taguchi, violin; Mina Miller, piano


Shinji Eshima Veritas (2019)* World Premiere

Media design by Kate Duhamel of sculpture by Al Farrow

Walter Gray, cello; Jonathan Green, double bass


Ryuichi Sakamoto Passage (2019)* World Premiere

Mikhail Shmidt, violin; Takumi Taguchi, violin; Susan Gulkis Assadi, viola; Walter Gray, cello


Paul Schoenfield Camp Songs (2002)*

Karen Early Evans, soprano; Erich Parce, baritone

Mihkail Shmidt, violin; Laura DeLuca, clarinet; Walter Gray, cello; Jonathan Green, double bass; Jessica Choe, piano 


*Works commissioned by Music of Remembrance

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Camp Songs by Paul Schoenfield
Baritone/director Erich Parce and MOR Ensemble in concert
Vandalized Doors
"Vandalized Doors" by sculptor Al Farrow