Sparks of Glory: Far is My Home

Excerpt from Terezín Cabaret Music:

Works from composers imprisoned in concentration camps create a program suffused with a longing to be elsewhere. Artistic Director Mina Miller will use examples from SAM’s Gauguin exhibit to examine non-Western influences in fascinating music works which emerged from the concentration camp Terezín, infamous from its use in Nazi propaganda. Audiences will hear Gideon Klein's haunting Fantasy and Fugue, Robert Dauber's salon-tinged Serenata, and spirited cabaret music sung by Terezín inmates to Terezín inmates, by baritone Erich Parce. Erwin Schulhoff's Five Pieces for String Quartet was written in 1923, but, inflected as it is with jazz, folk, and dance influences, it makes a soundtrack complementary to any post-concert tour of Gauguin's works. Twenty years after its composition, Schulhoff would perish in a Nazi slave labor camp.

Musicians: Mara Finkelstein, cello; Susan Gulkis Assadi, viola; Leonid Keylin, violin; Mina Miller, piano; Mikhail Shmidt, violin