Sparks of Glory: From the Monkey Mountains

This event is part of our free Sparks of Glory educational series.

Artistic Director Mina Miller discusses the SAM exhibit "Our National Game" and Jackie Robinson's "athletic resistance," as a counterpoint to the artistic resistance to the Holocaust that MOR's music commemorates. Pavel Haas, one of Janáček's most talented students, wrote his String Quartet No. 2 ("From the Monkey Mountains") as a kind of musical postcard from a favorite vacation spot.

Elisa Barston, violin; Susan Gulkis Assadi, viola; Walter Gray, cello; Matthew Kocmieroski, percussion; Mina Miller, piano; Mikhail Shmidt, violin

The true story of a teenage group of boys imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp is delivered in their own words, in this reprise of the song cycle version of Lori Laitman's "Vedem"--based on poetry the boys wrote for their secret magazine. Guest vocalists Angela Niederloh, a Portland Opera mezzo soprano, and Seattle tenor Ross Hauck return to sing Laitman's work.

Laura DeLuca, clarinet; Angela Niederloh, mezzo soprano; Ross Hauck, tenor