Sparks of Glory: Voice of the Heart

Additional times
*Monday, October 7 at 7:30 p.m. on Bainbridge Island

This event was part of our free Sparks of Glory educational series.

SAM's exhibit "In a Silent Way" is a profound and deeply-moving reflection on African-American identities and histories. This MOR concert-with-commentary, introduced by Artistic Director Mina Miller, explores how music has expressed struggles between continuity and assimilation during times of conflict and persecution. The innovative Erwin Schulhoff was silenced in a Nazi prison camp, but his Concertino exemplifies the audacity that made him an important musical figure between the two World Wars. Argentine composer Osvaldo Golijov's Lullaby and Doina tells the love story of a young Jewish woman and a Gypsy man in war-torn Europe. The Hungarian composer Laszlo Weiner died at 28 in a Nazi labor camp, but his beautiful String Trio is a haunting reminder of a potential the world will never know.

*An encore performance of this free-concert-with-commentary will take place on Monday, October 7, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. at Bainbridge Island's Waterfront Park Community Center-just a 10 minute walk from the ferry!

String Trio - Serenade (1938)
Laszlo Weiner
Mikhail Shmidt, violin; Susan Gulkis Assadi, viola; Mara Finkelstein, cello

Three Jewish Dances (1945)
Marc Lavry
Mikhail Shmidt, violin; Mina Miller, piano

Concertino (1925)
Erwin Schulhoff
Zart Dombourian-Eby, flute; Susan Gulkis Assadi, viola; Jonathan Green, double bass

Lullaby & Doina (2001)
Osvaldo Golijov
Zart Dombourian-Eby, flute; Laura DeLuca, clarinet; Mikhail Shmidt, violin; Susan Gulkis Assadi, viola; Mara Finkelstein, cello; Jonathan Green, double bass