Virtual Concert: Ghetto Songs


Ghetto Songs features director Erich Parce’s new dramatic realization of composer Paul Schoenfield’s 2008 setting of verses that the great Yiddish poet Mordecai Gebirtig wrote in the months before and during his forced confinement in the Krakow ghetto. Of the world premiere of this MOR commission, The Seattle Times wrote: ". . . a dramatic exclamation point to a compelling evening."

Also, musical gems by Mieczyslaw Weinberg and Géza Frid. Weinberg fashioned a distinguished career despite the unfortunate distinction of persecution at both Nazi and Soviet hands. Frid, facing mortal danger as a stateless Jew in occupied Amsterdam, organized clandestine concerts and helped the Dutch resistance as a document forger.

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Krakow Memorial
Krakow Ghetto memorial