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Concert - Welcome Back!

A special free concert to thank our friends and supporters

This special Welcome Back Concert, free to the community, is our way of thanking all of you for persevering with us through a most challenging time. The program sparkles with some of MOR’s most exciting repertoire, reconnecting you with the amazing artistry of some of your favorite MOR performers. You’ll hear new songs that Lori Laitman and Tom Cipullo created for us, inspired by the perseverance of the ginkgo tree that survived devastation to sprout anew; Cabaret songs from Terezín that prisoners wrote and sang under the noses of their Nazi captors; and Polina Nazaykinskaya’s Haim – a tribute to David Arben, who survived seven labor and concentration camps thanks to his violin and went on to an illustrious career in America. And more!

MOR String Trio

Virtual Concerts - MOR at Your Home

Three virtual programs take you on a journey of resilience and hope.

  • Ghetto Songs – December 2021
  • Art From Ashes – in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day January 27
  • Injustice – February 2022 

Stormy Seas

Concert - Stormy Seas

Journeys of hope. Journeys in search of freedom.

Our second Benaroya Hall concert features Sahba Aminikia’s Stormy Seas, telling the stories of young boat refugees from five countries who braved perilous waters in search of safe shores. We presented the world premiere of this MOR commission in one of last year’s online programs, and now you can experience it in the compelling immediacy of our live stage. Rodas Recordada, by Sid Robinovitch, recalls the island of Rhodes’ once-thriving Sephardic Jewish community and reveals a surprising connection with Seattle. Plus a pair of haunting songs based on Ladino poems, and music by three Dutch composers touched by the Holocaust.

Border fence

Concert - Tres Minutos

Hear their story: a family separated by a border

Featuring the world premiere of Tres Minutos, the one-act opera that we’ve commissioned from composer Nicolas Benavides and librettist Marella Martin Koch, with dramaturg Hector Vega. Soprano Vanessa Isiguen and baritone José Rubio star in the roles of Nila and Diego, a sister and brother who share family bonds but not citizenship. Allowed a brief supervised reunion at the US-Mexico border that separates them, they wrestle with questions of identity, duty and belonging. The compelling work explores the intimate human dimensions of an important issue for our time.

Vandalized Doors

Concert: MOR Returns to San Francisco!


MOR returns to San Francisco! Featuring works of three Bay Area composers that confront urgent issues for our time

We’re coming back! After the pandemic forced cancellation of our annual San Francisco concert for two years, we return with a special program on May 22, 2022 at our new home at the magnificent Presidio Theater. Come join us for an absorbing program of works by three Bay Area composers who’ve used their art to address important questions facing us today.