CD - Brundibár


Opera News called MOR’s Brundibár recording on Naxos one of the top ten opera recordings of 2007. In coordination with MOR, Naxos has created a podcast interview with Ela Stein Weissberger, who survived the Terezín concentration camp. She played the role of the Cat in the original performances of Brundibár there. Her perspective on the creation and first performances of this historical opera is poignant, stirring, first-person history. To listen, download the Naxos podcast. (To learn more about or buy the book I Never Saw Another Butterfly mentioned in the interview, visit Amazon.) Also on the disc: Lori Laitman's arrangement for soprano and clarinet of I Never Saw Another Butterfly.

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Brundibar (Bumble-bee)

  1. Act I Scene 1: Down our street a little band (Windows, Pepicek, Aninku) 1:52
  2. Act I Scene 2: My ice - cream's so cold it burns! (Ice - Cream Seller) 0:56
  3. Act I Scene 3: Gather round the ice - cream seller (Windows, Baker, Milkman) 0:58
  4. Act I Scene 4: Hey milkman ring your bell (Windows, Pepicek, Aninku, Milkman) 1:23
  5. Act I Scene 5: Everything in life costs money (Policeman, Aninku, Pepicek) 0:46
  6. Act I Scene 6: Look at the people (Aninku, Pepicek, Policeman) 1:34
  7. Act I Scene 7: When the winter wind came blowing (Aninku, Pepicek, Milkman, Ice - Cream Seller, Baker, Brundibar, Policeman) 3:58
  8. Act I Scene 8: Little Children, how I hate 'em (Brundibar, Aninku, Pepicek, Sparrow, Cat, Dog) 6:33
  9. Serenade 1:10
  10. Act II Scene 1: One of my tricks (Sparrow, Cat, Dog, Pepicek, Aninku) 1:45
  11. Act II Scene 2: Rooster crows cock - a - doo (Aninku, Pepicek, Dog, Cat, Sparrow) 0:33
  12. Act II Scene 3: Marty flings the curtains wide (Windows) 0:27
  13. Act II Scene 4, "The March of the Schoolchildren": Children Stop (Dog, Cat, Sparrow, Schoolchildren) 1:48
  14. Act II Scene 5: Morning, people, here's a bargain (Brundibar, Dog, Cat, Aninku, Pepicek, Sparrow) 1:28
  15. Act II Scene 6: In the basement, down below (Aninku, Pepicek, Schoolchildren, Milkman, Brundibar) 3:31
  16. Act II Scene 7: Trombone and kettle drum! (All) 2:33

Overture for Small Orchestra

  1. Overture for Small Orchestra 5:29

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

  1. No. 1. The Butterfly 5:17
  2. No. 2. Yes, That's the Way Things Are 1:52
  3. No. 3. Birdsong 3:22
  4. No. 4. The Garden 2:26
  5. No. 5. Man Proposes, God Disposes 0:46
  6. No. 6. The Old House 3:03

Total Playing Time: 00:53:30

Naxos 8.570119