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Tom Cipullo, composer; David Mason, librettist

Catherine Cook, mezzo-soprano; Michael Mayes, baritone; Laura Strickling, soprano; Alastair Willis, conductor

Out of a mass grave came some of the most haunting poems of the Holocaust, written by Hungary's Miklós Radnóti in the weeks before his execution. Tom Cipullo's extraordinary new opera sets these terrifying works against Radnóti’s desire to live and love.

What does it mean to be an artist in a time of global catastrophe? Hungarian poet Miklós Radnóti in Tom Cipullo's powerful new opera, must choose between ordinary love and the vocation of his art. But his choice must also be made in the face of certain death. The consciousness of death—universal and inevitable—gives the deepest meaning to both love and art.

Hungarian poet Miklós Radnóti and his beautiful wife Fanni come intensely alive in a dance with death, facing their mortality in time of war. Their tragic understanding that both love and art derive their meaning from human mortality climaxes in some of the most moving music contemporary opera has to offer.

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The Parting

Laura Strickling, soprano; Catherine Cook, mezzo-soprano; Michael Mayes, baritone

  1. I labor so hard, searching this age we're in… (Death, Miklós, Fanni) 9:17
  2. You already know what you think. (Death, Miklós) 5:00
  3. This is the third time they've called me up. (Miklós, Death) 1:56
  4. How will you use the time (Death, Fanni, Miklós) 6:58
  5. In your two arms back and forth,… (Fanni, Miklós) 2:55
  6. I love that poem,… (Fanni, Miklós, Death) 6:09
  7. Her letters come to me. (Miklós) 1:38
  8. My love, the summer passes,… (Fanni, Miklós, Death) 8:17
  9. Interlude - I can no longer either die or live without you. (Miklós, Fanni, Death) 5:03
  10. I toppled next to him; his body flipped, stiff already. (Death, Miklós) 2:31
  11. I lived on Earth in an era such as this:… (Fanni, Miklós) 4:01
  12. I've grown to hate the world, a sin. (Miklós, Fanni, Death) 5:06
  13. The moon sways… (Miklós, Death, Fanni) 6:20

Total Playing Time: 01:05:11

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