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An "important release," says American Record Guide. "Laitman’s music is smooth as a glove and suits the material to a T. It is warmly and simply romantic in idiom and lets the text do the talking." Every Friday for two years between 1942 and 1944, a group of teenage boy prisoners in the Terezín concentration camp shared their poems, stories and artwork in a secret magazine they called Vedem. Most of those boys perished in the Holocaust, but the pages of their magazine have miraculously been preserved. Inspired by this legacy, American vocal composer Lori Laitman has created an oratorio that gives new voice to the young prisoners’ unbending resistance to those who sought to rob them of their humanity. Also: "The brief song cycle Fathers is another example of Laitman’s poignant lyricism," says BBC Music Magazine.


Angela Niederloh, mezzo-soprano; Ross Hauck, tenor; The Northwest Boychoir

  1. Part I: The Transports: Hear My Story Now (A Man, Chorus, A Youth, A Woman) 6:30
  2. Part I: The Transports: Memories of Prague (Mezzo - soprano) 4:18
  3. Part II: Home Number One: Home Number One (Chorus) 2:11
  4. Part II: Home Number One: Five (Tenor) 1:44
  5. Part III: Vedem: Vedem (Chorus, A Man, A Woman, Boys) 3:42
  6. Part III: Vedem: Just a Little Warmth (Mezzo - soprano) 3:16
  7. Part III: Vedem: In Terezin The Mind Was Free (Chorus, Boys) 2:11
  8. Part III: Vedem: Thoughts (Tenor, Chorus) 2:56
  9. Part III: Vedem: Live Leaves about to Fall (Chorus, A Man) 2:27
  10. Part III: Vedem: Love in the Floodgates (Tenor) 0:50
  11. Part III: Vedem: We were Alive, Approximately (Chorus) 2:08
  12. Part IV: A Model Ghetto (Youths, A Woman, A Man, Chorus) 5:35
  13. Part V: They Are Gone: They Are Gone (A Rabbi, Chorus) 2:18
  14. Part V: They Are Gone: Farewell to Summer (Mezzo - soprano) 2:27
  15. Part V: They Are Gone: We Were No Different Than You (A Rabbi, Chorus, A Woman) 6:05


Angela Niederloh, mezzo-soprano

  1. Don't Cry, fragment 1 0:31
  2. You, Father 2:11
  3. Don't Cry, fragment 2 0:36
  4. Last Night I Dreamt 4:32
  5. Don't Cry, fragment 3 0:53
  6. I Saw My Father Drowning 2:35
  7. Don't Cry 1:23

Total Playing Time: 01:01:19

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