DVD - Out of Darkness


Out of Darkness is a powerful portrait of survival that conveys the Holocaust’s vast scope through emotionally rich depictions of those caught in its grasp. The first act, “Krystyna,” reveals the true story of Krystyna Zywulska, whose daring poems became anthems of defiance among her fellow prisoners in Auschwitz.

Act Two, “Gad,” explores the fate of homosexuals during the Holocaust through the experience of Gad Beck and Manfred Lewin, two idealistic young loves in 1930s Berlin whose lives and love were torn apart during Nazi rule.

Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer tell these stories with uncompromising emotional honesty, and with deep compassion that never descends to pathos or sentimentality. Out of Darkness marks the fourth commission in Heggie and Scheer’s decade-long collaboration with MOR, and draws on their earlier works For a Look or a Touch (2007), Another Sunrise (2012), and Farewell, Auschwitz (2013). Heggie has described what moves him to create these profound tributes to the Holocaust’s legacy: “I’m particularly inspired by stories of social justice and the inequities of life, and how we are all connected as human beings despite those inequities.”

In addition to Out of Darkness, this disc includes a bonus video that explores how this brilliant opera was conceived and brought to life.


Available in DVD ($25) or Blu-ray ($35)